US, EU, Bildt and the Nazis

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  • Fredag 7 mar 2014 2014-03-07
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Sometimes I make a joke about my background. It goes like this: I am half Jewish and half Romani, so when I enter a store I don’ know if I should haggle or steal. But I did not just choose the wrong parents. I am troublesome in more ways than that.

I am also a stringer (a freelancer with recurring work assignments) for a daughter company of Russia Today, Ruptly. We also buy clips from them. You might say that we are working together. Kind of. It is not because I make more money from them than I do from other clients. It is not because it is ”cool”. No, it is because I tend to ask ”the wrong questions”. Then RT becomes the natural choice. And asking the wrong questions could be the biggest mistake to make if you are going for a career in journalism. Just look at how RT is treated in the US.

You probably know that Vladimir Putin is evil incarnate for intervening in the Ukraine. You  probably also know that we should be happy that the US, the European Union and especially Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt have the moral high ground. The battle between good and evil is so intense that brave heroines quit their jobs on live tv.

It sounds like something straight out of Hollywood, but the story develops in the media channels closest to you. West versus east, good versus evil. In the middle of all this I stand, in more ways than one.

I live in Sweden, shoot news coverage and often find that people are working aginst me. Mostly because I ask ”the wrong questions”. One of these questions is why the hell Carl Bildt allies himself with a movement on the extreme right, oftentimes described as ”nazis”.

”I do not see Svoboda standing in the way of democratic development”, Bildt explains in a Swedish radio interview. Bildt gets asked more questions about his view on the the Ukrainian party Svoboda, but in each answer he tones the question down. He lets us know that they are neither extreme or dangerous.

I stop listening at SR, the Swedish public radio, and continue to another paper mentioned in the radioprogram.

”They claim that Jewish oligarks rule the Ukraine. They also want to implement a domestic passport with nationality identification. Apparently to identify Jews, for instance”, Per Anders Rudling explains to the Swedish newspaper Expo, a paper devoted to battle intolerance and racism. Rudling is an academic at the history departement at Lund University.

I keep reading Expo. The chief ideologist of Svoboda, Jurij Mychaltjysjyn, has translated books of Mussolini and Joseph Goebbels. ”The Holocaust was a golden age in the European civilization that warms the hearts of the Palestinian people”, Mychaltjysjyn was cited in Kholokost in 2011.

Expo continues saying that Svoboda’s original symbol was a mirrored ”wolf hook”. The very same symbol used by the Waffen-SS. And their original name was ”The social nationalist party of the Ukraine”. We are also told that Svoboda arranged a torchlight procession with 15 000 participants in the memory of Stepan Bandera. Expo describes Bandera as a fascist leader fighting on the side of the Germans during WWII and an active part in the extermination af Jews.

Expo concludes that not only jews should worry, but also homosexuals and the Crimean Tatars.

So this is the party which Carl Bildt does not see as a problem. On the contrary, they are part of the coalition which he would like to see as negotiating partners in his plans to bring the EU and the Ukraine together.

So one wonders, can this really be right? If Bildt claims that Svoboda does not pose a threat to democracy, then certainly it must be true? Perhaps Expo is the errand boy of Russia? Then who is on Expo’s board of directors?

I find one name that I recognize, Cecilia Stegö Chilò. Why do I know her? She belongs to the same political party as Carl Bildt and has been part of the same administration. Maybe that is why we never got any answers about this when we asked Expo previously this week?

But once again, I just asked the wrong questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Swedish website and the article is translated. On the subject you may also be interested in this video with english subtitles.

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