Swedish MEP Veronica Palm proclaimed #jesuischarlie – Reported Anti-Islam critics to police

Veronica Palm on the left, her tweet on the right. Photo: Wikipedia / Twitter
  • Fredag 9 jan 2015 2015-01-09

SWEDEN – Member of parliament Veronica Palm from the Social Democrat Party, tweeted the popular tag #jesuischarlie. Ironically, she tweeted it the same day she made a police report against a political opponent who criticized Islam.

As the story about the terror act in Paris developed, the hashtag #jesuischarlie was trending in support of the people at the paper Charlie Hebdo, who were killed for mocking and criticizing islam and the prophet Muhammad. Veronica Palm from the social democrat party, was one of those using the hashtag.

The same day, member of parliament Björn Söder from the party Swedish Democrats, wrote a critic message on Facebook addressing the ongoing events. He wrote ”The religion of peace has shown its face” in Swedish. That message was too much for Palm who decided to report Söder to the police for hate speech, the same day she used the hashtag #jesuischarlie on Twitter.

”It is not legal in Sweden to offend people based on ethnic group, and I think it should be charged as hate speech, Palm explained to the swedish news agency TT, according to the paper Sydsvenskan.

The same day Palm also retweeted a message from Amnesty International saying ”A dark day for freedom of expression, an appalling human tragedy.”

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