Text Shows Newspaper Dagens Nyheter Not Telling the Truth About Sexual Assault Cover-Up

Kjöller did in fact contact the inspector at the Police who knew everything about the assaults. Photo: Bengt Oberger / Wikimedia Commons and CC Stockholms stad
  • Tisdag 12 jan 2016 2016-01-12

STOCKHOLM Nyheter Idag has proof that Dagens Nyheter daily not only knew about the massive sexual assaults in central Stockholm, but that newsroom head Caspar Opitz on top of that is lying about the newspaper’s cover-up. A text from DN reporter Hanne Kjöller to a police officer at the Stockholm precinct shows that DN was in contact with the policeman, and yet did not write about the assaults. ”Bye – I refer you to Caspar Opitz”, says Kjöller and hangs up when contacted by Nyheter Idag.

After Nyheter Idag published a story Saturday entitled ”Exposing Major PC Cover-up in Sweden – Leading Daily Dagens Nyheter Refused to Write About Cologne-like Sex Crimes in Central Stockholm” activity on social media has been extensive. DN has claimed it only had one source – one outside of the Police – and that it therefore was unable to write about the assaults.

”Yes, in August a tip came to our editorial department about a number of systemic gropings at the festival. The tip was from a source that wanted anonymity. We took it seriously, contacted the source and tried to investigate further, but failed to confirm the information”, says DN department head Caspar Opitz in DN.

Opitz gives a similar explanation to trade publication Journalisten, alleging that DN wasn’t able to verify the information.

”We would have been happy to do the same leg work this summer, if only we could get it confirmed that this was occuring extensively.”

What Caspar Opitz doesn’t know is that Nyheter Idag has the text that proves the opposite. We just haven’t published it yet. Until now.

Hanne Kjöller in a Text to Police Inspector: ”Looking For You”

In our previous story we described how DN journalist Hanne Kjöller received the tip of the extensive sexual assaults against young girls i the Kungsträdgården public square. It was a psyckologist, previously employed by the Police, who made contact with Kjöller, and related what he himself had seen in Kungsträdgården.

The psychologist however said one more thing. He gave the DN reporter the contact information to a police officer that could verify his account. The officer was present at Kungsträdgården and apprehended the young men, predominantely from Afghanistan, that sexually assaulted young teenage girls.

Hanne Kjöller was at first very interested in getting in contact with the police officer. She contacts the man that can verify the extensive assaults in Kungsträdgården trough a text dated August 21, 2015, less than a week after the ”We are Sthlm” festival has ended.

”Looking for you. Please call me. Cheers, Hanne Kjöller, DN”

When Nyheter Idag spoke with the police inspector he explained that Hanne Kjöller, who by now understood the extent of what the young girls had been exposed to, at first showed great interest. After a day however, something happens, and she is not interested in what he has to say.

”She sent me a text once, at the very beginning when she was looking for me, that she’s love to talk. After that I tried to contact her, and that’s where it fell apart. She answered occasionally, and said she’d get back to me, but it never happened. She was interested for half a day or so, but that was it.”

Refuses to Comment on Text to Police Inspector

Why Kjöller who didn’t want to answer the police officer’s call, despite her having contacted him, we’ll never know. When Nyheter Idag calls Hanne Kjöller on the phone Tuesday to as her, she is curt.

”Bye, I refer you to Caspar Opitz!”, she says and hangs up.

The next try we get an answering machine, and we fail to contact her.

We have also attempted to contact Caspar Opitz through the Dagens Nyheter switchboard, which claims to not rout call to him. Informed by his secretary that he answers e-mails, we contacted him that way.

He has yet to answer any of our e-mails.

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